Introducing: USGA Tournament Management for RDGA Member Clubs

Click on the above image for a short introductory video about the new USGA Tournament Management-Club software.
Beginning on January 1, 2018, the USGA will begin offering its new USGA Tournament Management software as a program available to all member clubs of an officially-recognized Allied Golf Association - including all Member Clubs the Rochester District Golf Association.
This new tournament management product will replace all current versions of the USGA's Tournament Pairing Program, or TPP - INCLUDING TPP-Client and TPP Online Club. The USGA will be retiring their TPP programs at the end of 2017. After December 31, 2017, TPP will no longer operate or connect to any USGA handicap or course ratings systems.

Beginning November 1, all RDGA Member Clubs will have the opportunity to convert to the new USGA Tournament Management Club program (TM-Club for short). To learn more about this transition please read the TM-Club Announcement and the TM-Club Information Fact Sheet at the links listed below.

Clubs desiring to use the new program are invited to attend a TM Training Seminar prior to using the software. Two TM Training Seminars are being scheduled in the Rochester area and registration is available online. Please refer to the link below and register for the seminar that best fits your schedule.


TPP Client Program

RDGA TM-Club Announcement
TM-Club Information Fact Sheet
TM-Club Fundementals and Terminology
Technology Requirements for TM-Club



TPP Client Program

Step 1:

TM-Club "Start Here" Videos
As a new user of USGA TM-Club, you are encouraged to become
familiar with the information in this tutorial & videos

Step 2:
Overview of the Manager Site
For every event or league, there is a manager site
Step 3:
Customer Center Tour
The customer center is your home base
Step 4:

TM-Club Components are the building blocks for running your event

Event Menu

Golfers Menu

Calendar Menu

Rounds Menu

Apps Menu

Step 5:
Begin to build some practice events and tournaments
Use some of the tutorials below for more help about TM-Club options
Step 6:
After learning the basics of the program but sure to use some of the great
built-in verification options. Here are three critical tools that will help
you to produce accurate events every time you run an event:

Review the Handicap Analysis Summaries

Enter Random Scores and Test the Leaderboard

Run the built-in PrePlay Audit Tool




TPP Client Program

Managing Courses
Access the courses under the League/Event Menu
Roster Control
There are Master Rosters, Event Rosters, League Rosters & Round Rosters.
How do they all work together?
Adding Players to an Event or League
There are multiple ways to add players to your event...
Division, Flights and Teams
What, How and Where to Use
Adding Managers to Your TM-Club Software
Need more credentials?
Retrieving & Updating Handicap Indexes
Updating handicap indexes for players is an essential step
Posting Scores to GHIN
Scoring in TM-Club? - You can post those scores for your members!
Report Composer
Extensive customization in building reports
Customizing the Portal
What is the structure of a portal?
How to create a Default Tee for your Players
Setting a default tee benefits the user for a few reasons
Creating Custom Fields Manually
Custom fields is a great way to store important information about players
Creating Custom Fields via Spreadsheets
Custom fields is a great way to store important information about players
Tournament Handicapping Options
There are many handicapping options available
Competition Options
Many competitions are built-in depending on the format of play
Season Points
Points can be awarded in events and leagues in a variety of ways

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