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Women and families are the fastest growing segments of the golfing population. The RDGA Women Friendly Course Evaluation is a voluntary program that evaluates local courses based on criteria that women feel are important. The rating criteria have been culled from numerous published surveys of female golfers, including a survey conducted locally by the Rochester Chapter of EWGA (Executive Women’s Golf Association.)

What are the benefits of participating in this program?

It benefits us all – clubs, courses, RDGA, and the game of golf in general - to have more rounds played, and happier golfers play more often. Reading reviews about courses that welcome women golfers and are fun to play will encourage players to try new courses.

More women players = more rounds = more revenue.

How does the process work?

This is a strictly voluntary program. Courses managers must request an evaluation. The evaluation template will be shared in advance, and the results shared in private with the course manager or designee. A review featuring the positive points of the experience and the composite ratings for price/value and overall experience will be shared on the RDGA website. If you disagree with the rating, we won’t publish it.

What are you evaluating?

Evaluations are broken into (5) areas: playability, amenities, atmosphere, value and overall experience.

Who does the evaluation?

The initial evaluations are conducted by 8 active golfers of varying skills levels. They will make their own tee times, playing usually in groups of 4. (Ease of making a tee time is one of the rating criteria.)

What does it cost?

There is no charge, aside from providing (8) rain checks or pro shop certificates that the raters will use in lieu of paying greens fees when they play your course.

How does this differ from the RDGA course rating program?

The RDGA Course rating program is a very specific and structured process that is governed by the USGA Course Rating Manual in determining course ratings and slopes. The Women Friendly Course evaluation is a more subjective evaluation by women golfers of their experience playing your course.

How do I get the EWGA survey mentioned above?

This results of this survey were distributed to the RDGA club representatives at a previous Spring Meeting. If you are a golf professional or club owner and need another copy, please contact the RDGA office, 585-292-5950.

How do I get started, and how long does it take?

Simply call the RDGA office at 585-292-5950. Our goal is to complete the evaluation within 30 days. Evaluations will be competed in the order that the requests are received.

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