Past RDGA Junior Champions

Winners of the 2017 RDGA Junior Championships at Mill Creek Golf Club included (left to right): Jeremy Summerson, Boys Junior champion; Lena Kaufman, Girls Junior champion; Graham Gaenzle, Boys Sub Junior champion; Michaela Eichas, Girls Sub Junior champion; George Green, Boys Pee Wee champion; and Julia Zigrossi, Girls PeeWee champion.
The RDGA Junior Championship
The third longest-running major championship on the Rochester District Golf Association schedule, the District Junior Championships date to 1939, when Mort Reed won the first of three consecutive titles.

Like many RDGA tournaments, the Junior Championship has evolved through time. Initially conducted as a match play championship for all junior boys, ages 17 and under, the RDGA Junior Championship included two flights: Juniors (for boys ages 15 to 17) and Sub-Juniors (for boys ages 14 and under). In 1976, a third flight was added – Pee Wees – for boys ages 11 and under.

The RDGA Junior Championships continued with that same format of three flights – Juniors (ages 15 to 17), Sub-Juniors (ages 12 to 14) and Pee Wees (ages 7 to 11) – for the next 25 years, until 2000, when girls divisions were added for each of the age flights of the Championship, becoming the first RDGA competition to include female competitors.

Since 2000, the RDGA Junior Championships have been conducted using this same format – as match play, with boys and girls divisions in three age flights – although beginning in 2016, the format of the Girls Junior and Girls Sub Junior Championships were changed to stroke play. The Pee Wee Championships - for both Boys and Girls - have always been conducted as two 9-hole stroke play rounds.

RDGA Junior champions through the years have included many of the well-known names of local golfers who later went on to win other District championships as adults – and some who went on to careers as golf professionals.

Bob Hill won his first RDGA title in the 1947 District Junior Championship – later winning back-to-back RDGA District Championships in 1952 and 1953 before moving on to a long career in golf. Warren Simmons won three consecutive RDGA Junior Championships beginning in 1954 – the third coming in 1956, the same year he also won the RDGA District Championship. In the years since, there have been several Junior champions – boys and girls – who have gone on to win the District Championship title as well.

There have been a number of past Junior champions who later became local PGA and club professionals, including Bill Walsh, Rob Horak, Davidde Giordano and Brad McCluski, and at least one who went on to become a Div. I NCAA golf coach - Andrew DiBitetto. There have even been a couple of RDGA Junior champions who later went on to star as pro tour golfers, including 1967 RDGA Junior champion Terry Diehl; 1971 RDGA Sub-Junior champion Jeff Sluman; 2002 RDGA Girls Sub-Junior Champion Tessa Teachman - and most recently, 2005 RDGA Boys Sub Junior champion, Dominic Bozzelli.

In 2017, the list of RDGA Junior champions included a talented group of players - half of whom were repeat champions from the year before and half were first-time winners. Jeremy Summerson from Cobblestone Creek Country Club won his first RDGA Boys Junior title, defeating Brandon Fink (also of Cobblestone Creek) by a 1-up decision after 19 holes of play in an exciting final match. The winner of the 2017 RDGA Girls Junior Championship was Lena Kaufman, who won her second consecutive RDGA Girls Junior title, as well as her third RDGA title overall (having won the Girls Sub-Junior title in 2014).

In the other RDGA Junior Championships of 2017, Graham Gaenzle and Michaela Eichas won the Boys and Girls Sub-Junior titles, respectively; and George Green and Julia Zigrossi won the Boys and Girls Pee Wee titles. (CLICK HERE to view the complete final results from the 2017 RDGA Junior Championships.)

This year, the 2018 RDGA Junior Championships visit Ontario Country Club for the fourth time in the event's history. The last time the RDGA Junior Championship was hosted by Ontario was in 2006, when Kevin Lewis captured the Boys Junior Championship and Sara Eichelberger won the Girls Junior Championship.

Junior Championship entries are open to Boys and Girls with official USGA Handicap Indexes issued by the RDGA between the ages of 7 and 18 as of July 31, 2018. Boys ages 12 to 18 must qualify before entering the Championship in the RDGA Junior and Sub Junior Qualifier, scheduled for Silver Lake Country Club on July 16. Boys ages 7 to 11 and Girls of all ages between 7 and 18 do not need to qualifiy and may register for the RDGA Junior Championships at any time.

The 2018 RDGA Junior Championships at Ontario Country Club are scheduled for July 31 through August 2. CLICK HERE for more information about this championship event.

The information provided below is based on the best available records stored in the RDGA archives. Unfortunately, some information from the earlier years of this Championship are incomplete or are non-existant. If you have any records (trophies, plaques, photos, newspaper clippings, etc.) that indicate any missing information below, please call us at 585-292-5950, or email RDGA Communications Director Dave Eaton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Year Boys Junior (15-18) Girls Junior (15-18) Boys Sub-Junior (12-14) Girls Sub-Junior (12-14) Boys Pee Wee (7-11) Girls Pee Wee (7-11) Tournament Site
2017 Jeremy Summerson Lena Kaufman Graham Gaenzle Michaela Eichas George Green Julia Zigrossi Mill Creek GC
2016 Jason Lohwater Lena Kaufman Graham Gaenzle Kahlan Vanschaffel Noah Barravecchia Julia Zigrossi Clifton Springs CC
2015 Jack O'Donovan Sydney Ball Luke Bucci Sophie Renzi Jeremy Edmunds Raina Hoffmann Oak Hill CC (West)
2014 Gunnar Doyle Maddie Glynn T.J. Buck Lena Kaufman Evan Zito   Mendon GC
2013 Gunnar Doyle Sarah Bothner Christian Chapman Sydney Ball Alex Diehl Kahlan Vanschaffel Ridgemont CC
2012 Ian Spellane Danielle Fuss Gunnar Doyle Sarah Gerken Jeremy Summerson Katherine Brown Clifton Springs CC
2011 Doug Uhazie Christine Schmitt Gunnar Doyle Sarah Bothner Will Thomson Katie Kroos Midvale CC
2010 Chris Blyth Maria Noriega Danny Drummond Christine Schmitt Craig Eichas Katie Kroos Wild Wood CC
2009 Joey Colosi Jenna Hoecker Thomas Kolb Danielle Fuss Timothy Costello Madeleine Brown Mendon GC
2008 Brendan Glavin Elizabeth Blyth Ian Cumming Danielle Fuss Alex Kinel Larissa Carter Monroe GC
2007 Ben Finn Alexandra Battle Alex Bourdelais Gabrielle Sacheli Doug Kulikowski Kristen Bromley CC of Rochester
2006 Kevin Lewis Sara Eichelberger Joey Colosi Jenna Hoecker Ben Gibson   Ontario GC
2005 Thomas Muto Jr. Nicole Paton Dominic Bozzelli Elizabeth Blyth Doug Uhazie Danielle Fuss Mill Creek GC
2004 Keith Remizowski Christina Pachuta Joey Colosi Joelle Sacheli Nicholas Ehmann Danielle Fuss Ridgemont CC
2003 Mike Colosi Melissa Agostinelli Andrew Kay Cassandra Blaney Joey Colosi Shaina Watkins Cobblestone Creek
2002 Josh Sandman Maggie Ward John Ryan Tessa Teachman Lucas Pachuta Christine Elam Irondequoit CC
2001 Andrew DiBitetto Maggie Ward Mike Schwert Christina Pachuta Dominic Bozzelli Tessa Teachman Midvale CC
2000 Jon Gonzalez Maggie Ward Mike Colosi Melissa Agostinelli Nathan Minnehan Tessa Teachman CenterPointe CC
1999 Shaun Morrison   Ben Schulman   Greg Merz   CC of Rochester
1998 Brad McCluski   Ben Schulman   Greg Merz   Green Hills GC
1997 Davidde Giordano   Adam Condello   Andrew DiBitetto   Caledonia CC
1996 Davidde Giordano   Kevin White   Andrew DiBitetto   CC of Rochester
1995 Jeff Yonker   Ben Becher   Andrew DiBitetto   Ridgemont CC
1994 Dugan Condon   Kevin Haefner   Ben Becher   Oak Hill CC
1993 Tom Jamalkowski   Kevin Haefner   Steven Tokarz   Irondequoit CC
1992 Brian Bombard   Tom Jamalkowski   Chris Horgan   Monroe GC
1991 Jeremy Fioravanti   Frank Scallone   Kevin Haefner   Lake Shore CC
1990 Brian Bombard   Jeff Nimeh   Marty Mills   Locust Hill CC
1989 Mark Nimeh   Brian Bombard   Tom Jamalkowski   Midvale CC
1988 Dave Champagne   Jeff Hysner   Steve Persia   Ridgemont CC
1987 Jeff Ruotolo   John Friel   Jeff Flannigan   CC of Rochester
1986 Chris Burgess   Mike Zimmerman   Jeremy Fioravanti   Lake Shore CC
1985 John Bartell   Tom Nixon   Brian Bombard   Ontario GC
1984 Ray Ziats Jr.   Tom Nixon   Mike McNamara   Wild Wood CC
1983 Doug Slattery   Drew Savage   Matt Young   Stafford CC
1982 Peter Jacob   Mike Urzetta   Tom Nixon   Deerfield CC
1981 Peter Bush Jr.   Doug Slattery   Tom Nixon   Irondequoit CC
1980 Scott McGregor   Dick Butler   Tom Nixon   Monroe GC
1979 John Ryan Jr.   Rob Fogel   Mike Urzetta   Penfield CC
1978 George Kavanagh   Gary Gallagher   Doug Slattery   Midvale CC
1977 Rob Horak   Scott McGregor   Doug Slattery   Ridgemont CC
1976 John Salamone   John Ryan Jr.   Rob Fogel   Oak Hill CC (West)
1975 Dave Boeff   John Ryan Jr.       Ontario GC
1974 Steve Cruse   Steve Hakes       Penfield CC
1973 Rob Ladd   John Kircher       Brook-Lea CC
1972 Doug Miller   Ken Yount Jr.       Irondequoit CC
1971 Doug Miller   Jeff Sluman       Durand Eastman GC
1970 Bill Walsh   Terry O'Brien       Monroe GC
1969 Corky Root Jr.   Doug Miller       Ridgemont CC
1968 James Spitz Jr.   Martin Muehe       Genesee Valley GC
1967 Terry Diehl   Robert Ryan       Penfield CC
1966             Brook-Lea CC
1965             CC of Rochester
1964 John Licciardi   Pat Thornton       Midvale CC
1963 Carl DiCesare   Terry Diehl       Irondequoit CC
1962             Monroe GC
1961             Oak Hill CC
1960 Gerry Kuntz   Carl DiCesare       Ridgemont CC
1959 Jerry Kling   Geoffrey Robertson       Locust Hill CC
1958 Peter Friedes   Carl DiCesare       Brook-Lea CC
1957 Chip Lillich   Jerry Kling       CC of Rochester
1956 Warren Simmons   Peter Friedes       Ridgemont CC
1955 Warren Simmons   Jim Craib       Oak Hill CC (West)
1954 Warren Simmons   Jim Craib       Locust Hill CC
1953 Chris Kling   D. Tripp       Irondequoit CC
1952 Terry Thomas   Warren Simmons       Monroe GC
1951 Joe Haefner   Chris Kling       CC of Rochester
1950 Pete Wingate           Monroe GC
1949 Ray Lang           Ridgemont CC
1948 Ray Allen Jr.           Oak Hill CC
1947 Bob Hill           CC of Rochester
1946 Jim Lane           Irondequoit CC
1945 Byron Proseus           Lake Shore CC
1944 Tom Lunt Jr.   George Christ Jr.       Monroe GC
1942 Don Martin           Lake Shore CC
1941 Mort Reed           Oak Hill CC
1940 Mort Reed           Irondequoit CC
1939 Mort Reed   Sam Urzetta       CC of Rochester

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