How to Get a Handicap

When you obtain a Handicap through the RDGA you become a Member of the RDGA, some of the benefits of RDGA Membership include:
  • A USGA Handicap Index through the RDGA
  • Your Handicap Index updates, along with the RDGA eLinks Newsletter bi-monthly.
  • The ability to compete in RDGA Championship events - a long-time golf community tradition
  • The ability to play in RDGA Play Days – Handicapped Net events for all golfers of all skill levels 
  • The ability to attend educational seminars on Handicapping, the Rules of Golf and much more
  • Support of junior golf and educational programs that help Rochester Area golf thrive
Three Ways to Get a Handicap and Join the RDGA:
1. At a Member Golf Course
Becoming a member at an area private club is one way to become an RDGA member - but, as an alternative to a private club, you can also join the RDGA through your local public golf facility. These clubs are very simple to join; all you need to do is contact the golf staff at the course. For more information, visit your favorite public course or call our membership department for help in finding a course near you. CLICK HERE for the full list of local RDGA Member golf facilities, including contact information.
2. eClub Membership
The RDGA offers GHIN Membership , via The eClub at the RDGA eClub membership also includes play in eClub events in addition to benefits already mentioned. CLICK HERE for more information, including how to sign up for your eClub GHIN Handicap Index today!
3. Club Without Real Estate
Do you play regularly with a group from your office, your volunteer/church group, your neighborhood, or your local golf league? It’s a perfect scenario for becoming a “club without real estate.” Organized groups who are not affiliated with a single golf facility can form their own club and join the RDGA. These clubs must meet the RDGA and USGA definition of a golf club, but getting started is easy and the RDGA welcomes inquiries about forming a club without real estate. 

How to Form a Club
Forming a club is a very popular option for golfers who want to enjoy the benefits of being an RDGA Member without joining a club that is affiliated with one specific golf course. In order to establish your Associate Golf Club, the USGA Handicap System requires the following requirements be met: 
  • 10-Member minimum
Round up at least 10 golfers that all have a reasonable and regular opportunity to play golf together. Several of our current Associate Clubs are made up of people from the same workplace, place of worship, neighborhood, or social club.
  • Handicap Chair
Your club will need to have a designated Handicap Chairperson who has access to a computer and is in charge of collecting membership dues.
  • Handicap Licensing
Your club will need to become licensed to issue USGA Handicap Indexes. The license must be signed by your certified Handicap Chair after they participate in either a live or at-home seminar.

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