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The USGA Course Rating System is the standard upon which the USGA Handicap System is built. It affects all golfers in the calculation of a Handicap Index®. Players "play to their handicaps," when their net scores (gross score-handicap strokes) equal the USGA Course Rating. The USGA Course Rating System takes into account the factors that affect the playing difficulty of a golf course. Course rating teams from authorized golf associations carry out the on-course portion of the rating process. Authorized golf associations review the work of the teams and then issue ratings.

The rating process requires a study of each hole, including detailed data obtained at all landing zones for both the scratch and the bogey golfer. The rating teams use the average shot lengths for both scratch and bogey golfers to determine the landing zones. Length corrections and obstacle values are considered at each landing zone.

If you're interested in checking the ratings of your course or any course nationwide, you can do so through the National Course Rating Database.

Please visit our Volunteers Page for more in-depth information about Course Rating opportunities in the Rochester Area.

If you have an interest in getting involved with USGA Course Rating or if you would like to request a golf course to be rated, please contact the RDGA Office 585-292-5950.
Thank you to all of our current course raters!
Don Bennett*
Ellen Bernitt
Charlie Bernitt
Lorra Boher
Bob Booms
Kitty Colliflower*
Ralph Davis
Dave Gilbert
Gary Hammond
Rick Harter*
Bill Johnson
Brett Kuchmy
Karen Lejman
Rodger Lewis
Gary Merritt
Diane Parke-Potter*
Rod Potter*
Linda Potter
Bill Prest
Jan Ricci
David Schantz
Lex Sleeman
Dennis Smith
Jack Spisak
Scott Weitzel
Sharon White*
John White
Bill Yatteau
 *Team Leader

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