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The Rochester District Golf Association supplies handicaps to almost all of the golf courses in the Greater Rochester Area. Handicaps remain our most visible and widely used service with more than 14,000 Rochester Area golfers utilizing the service.
GHIN Services Include:
eClubhouse™ - eClubhouse offers everything your club will need to build a web site or accompany an existing site. With its easy to use built-in site management tools a club site can be created and customized in minutes. Within an hour the club administrator can add events to the calendar and update club news. In addition, each site can be listed in a searchable database where potential members can find your club and even join online! Members of the site have access to association and club news and events, the ability to search for another golfer to play with, statistical tools and online event sign up!
eGolfer -  An online dashboard designed to assist golfers in organizing their golf network through the use of widgets. The myGame dashboard has several views with a selected primary focus on scores or scoring statistics.  Additionally, widgets will supplement the primary focus view with information relevant and personalized for the golfer. The golfer can also select an area of interest through the use of a Zip Code setting, which will then display news, events or weather applicable to the chosen area.
Tournament Management Program® (TM) -  This cloud-based software is provided by the USGA to all RDGA Member Clubs and offers state-of-the-art tournament management and scoring services. TM can be used by any authorized Club administrator to set up, organize and run tournaments, including being able to print scoresheets, scorecards, cart signs - as well as online scoring and record management. CLICK HERE for more information about USGA TM.
GHIN Handicap Program™ (GHP) -  The GHIN Handicap Program software effectively manages score posting; Handicap Index calculations; exceptional tournament score reduction (Section 10-3 of the USGA Handicap System); allows access to all Course Ratings and Slope Ratings contained in the association-wide database; performs golfer Handicap Index and score inquiries; networks all golf club members on the GHIN service and much more.
GHP Online - Through GHP Online, authorized club representatives can perform maintenance on their memberships' GHIN® records, as well as have access to a broad array of information. Best of all, you can do it anytime – anywhere! All you need is a computer with access to the Internet and a web browser. There is no need to go to your club's GHIN computer to perform membership maintenance.
eRevision™ - An essential part of the USGA® Handicap System™ is that all golfers in a region have their Handicap Index® updated on regular and consistent basis. The revision schedule of when these changes occur may not be well known by all golfers and it may not be convenient to get to their club to get a new handicap sticker. Now golfers can receive eRevision™ via e-mail when the revised USGA Handicap Index becomes official.

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